Working with Do Nation

At Mad Challenges, we use the Do Nation platform to manage all the pledges for our events. Hermione Taylor, the founding director of Do Nation tells us what it’s all about.

What’s in a pledge?

Do Nation is all about encouraging healthy habits for people and planet. When you take part in a MAD Challenge, you can use Do Nation to raise support from friends and family through action instead of cash. Simple actions that will help to make our world a better place, like cycling to work, wasting less food, or eating a bit less meat.

Because together, our small actions can make a big difference.

How does it work?

1. Customise your Do Nation Campaign, which the MAD team will create for you when you sign up. It’s worth adding a bit about the challenge and why you’d like people to support you.

2. Share it with friends. And be bold, ask loud. Friends pick from Do Nation’s menu of 50+ actions, and pledge to try some for 2 months.

3. Watch the impact grow. Each pledges’ carbon saving is automatically calculated, adding to your campaign’s impact and in turn, to the whole event’s impact. Do Nation follow up to find out how supporters got on too.

So what do previous MAD Do-ers say about Do Nation?

“I found collecting Do Nation sponsorship to be far more enjoyable and less intrusive than asking people to part with actual cash. I suppose that comes from my own reluctance to request money for doing something that I would take part in for fun anyway, but I definitely found it easier to approach people without that intent. In pledging to change an action, a behaviour or a habit, the sponsor is themselves taking on a challenge, therefore are far more connected to the event itself than handing over some coins and forgetting about the reason why they did it.”

Robbie Sutherland

“Our planet and its inhabitants are very important to me and it is crucial that we protect its future. Every action counts and the pledges are a great way to engage people in everyday actions that are more sustainable (and often save money or are more healthy too!)”

Gemma Stenhouse

“Through the campaign, I have actually learned a lot about the many different ways we can save on CO2 emissions and how good it feels to know you’re making a positive influence, so now it’s my cause too and I hope all those people who pledged for me think likewise.”

Paul Glissov

Read more about Do Nation here.