Freezer: Tinder for Edinburgh’s Snow-people

by Amelia Masters

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With days growing a bit longer now that we’ve landed on the other side of the Winter Solstice, I downloaded an app called Couch Potato to 5K to try and get myself back up and running after this long dark winter (you can never start training too early for Mad Seat). And with the usual irony of life decisions, I downloaded the app a week before The Beast from the East and Storm Emma had their party all over the UK, leaving us all cold, wet, and buzzing with the collective effervescence of a country-wide “Snow Day.”

Determined to keep my running streak up even in the blizzard conditions, and very much expecting to be the only one out and about, I set off for a jog along the Union Canal. I was wrong. I think all of Edinburgh was out, and they were all building snowmen (and snowwomen and snowchildren). After running past two parks littered with all manner of snowpeople, I ran back to my flat to grab my camera- there were just too many portraits waiting to be taken.

Since I handle a lot of the social media over here at Mad Challenges, I tried think of a way to tie in an environmental message. Maybe “What do Snowmen and Icebergs have in Common? THEY’RE BOTH MELTING.” Nah, too aggressive. Or maybe funny fake interviews with the snowmen for our #MyHandprintMC campaign, in which they discuss ways they are pursuing sustainability in their everyday lives by choosing to be made out of 100% recyclable, biodegradable materials and leaving no carbon footprint because of their lack of feet. Nah, I didn’t have enough puns to interview them all.
So that’s how we landed here- tinder for the snow people of edinburgh. Enjoy 🙂