Meet the Team


Meredith Adams

Meredith created MAD Challenges as a way to share her love of the outdoors and experience Scotland in a new way. She gets involved with all things MAD Challenges, from blog writing and partnerships, to event operations and portaloo hire!

Meredith is mad about: “adventures to the mountains and climbing Munros.”






Dave Bell

Dave created MAD Challenges with Meredith because nothing like it existed and he thought it should. Formerly a climate scientist and outdoor instructor, you could say Dave is pretty keen on green. He likes to get excited about what MAD Challenges could become.

Dave is mad about: “outdoor kit, even though he clearly can’t fit anymore in his ‘cosy’ flat…”





Gabrielle Blackburn

Gabrielle has been part of the committee since the beginning, so she gets involved with a whole bunch of different things, from editing videos to designing posters and helping to get events up and running. She like events that bring people from all walks of life together, and that what she loves about MAD Challenges.

Gabrielle is mad about: “beer mostly; could I interest in a riveting talk about different yeast strands?”




Amie Farrington

Amie helps with MAD strategy and content, but her main focus is on you! As a user experience designer, she is always thinking of creative ways to make MAD Challenges and our websites the best they can be.

Amie is mad about: “cheerleading, she loves to coach and to lift people in the air (sometimes at the same time!)”






Amelia Masters

Amelia creates digital content for Mad Challenges, which means she’s always down to go hiking and is often trying to take your picture without you noticing. Growing up around the Smokey Mountains in Tennessee fed her love for the outdoors.

Amelia is mad about: “photography, writing, and religiously disobeying “no trespassing signs.”