Making Ming Run

It started from a humble bet between two best friends. If one of them ran a half marathon the other would reduce their meat consumption. Fast-forward some time and at the end of May I will be running my first ever half marathon. Let me be clear, I am not a runner and I do not particularly love running. But what I do love is a good bet with a sprinkling of sustainability. My friend, Chris, he loves meat which what makes this bet so great. I myself have significantly reduced my meat intake after learning the how energy and resource intensive meat production is. But let’s get back to talking about running. In September I was sporadically running when the weather in Edinburgh was good, so hardly ever. But when a university course of mine asked us to do a sustainability challenge I thought I would bite the bullet and make it about this bet I made with my best friend. That is how I created ‘Make Ming Run’, I thought why not make this bet public and ask other people to pledge/bet to doing a sustainable action and in return I would run a half marathon? Using the Do Nation website it was great to see many of my friends pledge to sustainable actions ranging from boiling water more efficiently to one family switching their energy company to a renewable one! Now with all of these pledges the bet has gotten a whole lot more serious! So while I definitely don’t feel like I have trained nearly enough for this race, I am driven to at least given my all, that is the least I can do when dozens of pledges have been made to reduce our carbon emissions.


Now I am by no means asking everyone to now become a runner or to cut down their meat intake (though if it tickles your fancy why not give it a try). Nor do I think that we as individuals should fully bear the weight of fixing all of the world’s socio-environmental problems. But what I do think is that everyone has the opportunity to challenge themselves to do something sustainable. Think about what you do now and what could be better for you and sustainability. But don’t do it for the sake of doing it, do it because you want to. And if you need the support of friends, family or the random person that waves to you while you are running, use it! Right, I better go on a run now.