What we do

We create bespoke engagement workshops that explore a big picture understanding of our climate and ecological crisis – and equip you to create meaningful change. 

Our approach is designed to help you develop: 

  • A personal understanding of what it means to (re)connect with nature – and why this can be a fundamental driver of change.
  • Ideas for practical and meaningful action.
  • An appreciation of the latest climate change and sustainability science.

What we offer

We’ll work with you to understand your specific needs and how they align with our two distinct (but related) themes:

  • Action-based workshops – exploring the big picture and what it means for individual and collective action.
  • Nature-based workshops – facilitated group experiences in nature that provide a space to think differently, see a different perspective and reconnect with what matters to you.

Our pricing is tailored depending on the number and length of sessions developed and the status of your organisation. As a voluntary and not-for-profit organisation, this money goes towards logistical costs for delivery and anything extra towards supporting our future events, such as MAD Seat.

Who we are

Dave is a co-founder of MAD Challenges and a climate scientist by training. He has spent the last 5 years working in the field of sustainable development, with roles covering teaching, policy, research and communications. He currently works as a communications and knowledge exchange specialist for an international research programme on sustainable urban development, and has recently trained as a facilitator for nature-based workshops.

Meredith is the other MAD Challenges co-founder, with an academic background in sustainability. Meredith works in diversity and inclusion consultancy for a global financial organisation and is particularly interested in understanding how our uniqueness can influence the type of world we want to create. She has held previous roles in environmental education, human resources, and corporate sustainability.