All hands on deck!

inside the boat

This week, we hear from Rurigdh and Amrita. For them, sustainability looks like living on a houseboat in Edinburgh’s Union Canal!

Rurigdh: “[Sustainability is] Finding the balance between what you get, in terms of personal enjoyment or satisfaction of something, versus what the impact of your activities are for the people and the world at large. Which I guess is a kind of fairly standard definition. But that’s kind of the way I try to look at it. It’s not just about saving the world. Its about finding a balance so that you’re having as good of a life as you can without that having negative impacts, or at least more negative impacts than are warranted.
The boat is a very good way of forcing you to confront and quantify exactly how much stuff you use and the waste that you produce. You know, you can’t turn on a tap, and leave it on, and forget about it because…you had to put the water in the tank in the first place.”

Rurigdh & Amrita

Amrita: “Yeah, but the large bulk of the saving energy comes from stuff that we barely think about. Like, gas isn’t plugged in. We’re getting small gas bottles and then using them over four months to run two burners, rather than a whole heating system. So a lot of that’s the big stuff. So that’s easy. Rather than buying like recycled toilet paper, which is a thing, but it’s also not where most of the energy savings are at.”